Our friends at in2being scored a huge win during their May 22 weekly webinar! Dr. Yen Pottinger of Columbia University spent the first hour discussing current screening techniques, benefits and weaknesses with Directing Manager Gene Parunak. Dr. Pottinger, a former CDC virologist, gave a fantastic overview of the testing process ranging from sensitivity/specificity basics all the way up to effective approaches used in HIV. Please be sure to check out their webinar recording by clicking here:

Dr. Yen Pottinger Lecture — in2being COVID Connect May 22, 2020

And don’t forget to check out their weekly webinar here for more great information on this ever-evolving topic!

For more on current testing approaches, Dr. Pottinger recommended the following link. Fascinating to watch the virus mapping included!

Nextstrain Epidemiology Map — with global map animation!