Biomedical innovation depends on technology, business skill and high-quality clinical insight. Bringing these elements together is often challenging. The ArborHive Innovation Network is here to bridge this gap. By engaging and educating experienced clinicians, we can break down the silos that separate these groups to improve future healthcare technology and care delivery.

We have all have heard time and time again, it’s not what you know– it’s who you know. Having the opportunity to share ideas and experiences can be invaluable, especially in the highly-dynamic world of technology innovation.

For physicians, this should be an easier process than it currently is. There are many outlets and discussion forums where doctors can get involved with technology commercialization, but this often requires time and access– something most physicians don’t have. The ArborHive Innovation Network uses a grassroots approach to connect technology groups directly and personally with physicians. Contributing to this innovation community is easier than most doctors realize. If a young technology group needs some physician input on their design, this network will actively search to connect them with docs who might fit their needs.

It is so much easier to be a part of the innovation community than most doctors realize, and it is such a critical part of this evolving world… The ArborHive Innovation Network is meant to make this a real possibility.